Our Mindest


If an idea fits on the back of a business card, it has a clear concept.

We save your money
through the extensive connection of data and strategy
to boost your marketing performance 


What we do


Each click of a user is a data point that has no significance itself. However, the aggregated digital marketing and sales data provides the energy that drives companies in the future.

The current state of technology is not enough for Common Sense Digital. New markets and worlds lie beyond the horizon. The necessary power comes from the automated combination and digital connection of all relevant company data. 

Our business model also takes on new paths. With common sense we abandoned classic strategies and processes and redesigned them with a high degree of innovation. 

We hereby do not only take on a consulting perspective, but accompany our clients throughout their entire journey: Starting with development, over consultancy, to execution and implementation of their Customer Relationship Management and Performance Marketing strategies with the crucial support of Business Intelligence.